The ultimate list of investing books, podcasts and blogs

I like The Plain Bagel on YouTube. Good simple economic channel.


During last weekend I spent what probably ended up being far too much time watching both the “Investors Archive” and “Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing” on YouTube. I even went as far as getting my YouTube account set up on my TV as I was getting a bit tired of watching everything on my laptop.

I can highly recommend both.



I’m surprised Joel Greenblatts book “the little book that still beats the market “ hasn’t made the list .
As a beginner I thought it was one of the easiest investing books to read :+1::+1:


Phil Town’s podcast is quite good for beginners - a bit different from the consensus, and he records it with his non-investor daughter, which is awesome.

Chat with Traders podcast is another good one

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A brilliant video explaining the behavior of the stock market related to the economy. Thought I would share it with you.


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Just to make sure no one misses these, @Raul’s shared these recommendations too :books:

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We’ve launched version 2.0 of the Ultimate List. If there’s any other sources that you’d like to recommend, please share them here: The ultimate list of investing books, podcasts and blogs version 2.0 :raised_hands: