The Weekend Read is back! 🙌 🗞

Can you add me back to the list as well @Viktor ? thanks :wink:

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@samneisham @rod Of course! I’ll confirm when we resubscribed everyone. :+1:


Thanks, please add me also, great articles and info to read

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Just wanted to say these are awesome!!! They really get the investment mind thinking! And they’re quite good on the old general knowledge! Pub quiz beware


Making a cuppa for this.

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The weekend read reads like it might have been influenced by the chatter in :freetrade: forums.

And these socks looks like the ones Slack gives away at tech events :slightly_smiling_face:

Weird I’ve not received anything

I haven’t either? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Didnt get one either.

Wonder if it’s got anything to do with this?

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You will! We’ve had a technical issue with a third-party email sending platform that we fully resolved now. We’re sorry you (and Jonny and a number of other community members as well as staff members) haven’t been getting your emails. I can confirm your first re-launched newsletter is scheduled to hit your inbox tomorrow. Expect some wild GIFs.


I almost spit out my tea


Really enjoyed this Royal Mail one :slight_smile:


I signed up on the new newsletter link a few weeks ago and haven’t been getting any emails

DM’ed you.

Royal Mail ! Excellent

Can we ask for vote for what should be covered in weekend reads? The reason why I’m asking is that I quickly googled Royal Mail and got a few page 1 results from Wikipedia ( and Financial Times ( which gave me a decent in-depth overview of Royal Mail. And it’s a stock that we should probably all avoid anyway (this is not an investment advice). The FT article is very long - it’s called “Royal Mail: the inside story” and is free if you google it.

A unique insight of an interesting stock or a trend would be marvellous - it would make the Freetrade package stand out. In comparison, RH’s Snacks emails spill out some OK stuff but mostly just cherry picked TL;DR of stuff that’s not new if you keep up with headlines on CNBC and BBC News. But the Mad Hedge Fund letters are memorable (cc @101 since he recommended them).


For example, BOOHOO. What a story. What’s the back story? Lots of people are ordering stuff there, not easy to find a decent analysis online.


Yes, absolutely! Feel free to run a poll or community members can just comment which companies or trends they’d like to see covered, and we’ll take a look.

I think our Royal Mail piece was unique, and we’ve never received such a high amount of positive feedback on any one piece. (Well done to @DavidK. :clap:)

Additionally, we won’t cover only “exciting” stocks or trends. We’ll tackle (seemingly) boring or mundane stuff. It’s all about balance.

We’re not a CFD company bombarding you with push notifications about recent price movements, trying to get you to trade. The mission of the Weekend Read and all our content is education: telling the stories, showing how interesting research can be, showing you the value of thinking about investments. Making investing interesting is one way we think about achieving our mission to get everyone investing and making a dent on the bad trends we want to impact, such as rising inequality and the millennial pension crisis.

Regarding Boohoo, community member @Connor actually seems to have researched the topic and gave an answer here. What is more, we released a Boohoo Weekend Read in December.


That’s awesome. Didn’t get the Boohoo email so should’ve searched for it here🙏.


From the recent Weekend Read article:

«The Brazilian Petroleum Corporation, Petróleo Brasileiro Société Anonyme in Portuguese or Petrobras for short»

«Société Anonyme» is, if I’m not mistaken, in French.

In Brazilian Portuguese that would be “Sociedade Anônima”.

Please update

Putting that aside, a good to read article