The Weekend Read is back! πŸ™Œ πŸ—ž

Reminder to :red_circle:

I already got an email this afternoon

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I didn’t and I’m definitely on the mailing list. Everyone else get it? :e-mail:

Didn’t get it

No didn’t get it either Diversify

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Not had anything come through either.

In that case @Han do you mind copying & pasting it in the meantime?

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Emails went out. The only reason you’d not get it is if you are unsubscribed. Ping us through in-app chat if you want to change that.

The focus of the October update is the Series A. If you’re after growth figures, we might have more of those in the next newsletter.


I’ve not unsubscribed. Was the list migrated or something for this to have happened?


False. Never unsubscribed. So it’s not the only reason.

Kinda tiring of having to ping in-app chat for every little thing frequently, but will do so.


Also I don’t have the app. I definitely did not unsubscribe either



Not very illuminating tbh


Also didn’t receive and I never unsubscribed.

Nothing for me either - last email received was the Weekend Read from 31/08. A mail list glitch perhaps?

I also have not received the email. I have checked all junk folders and it isn’t in there either.

Sorry to say too I haven’t unsubscribed from anything and just checked, no email and even checked junk.
Will ping in app though but might be something wrong there guys.

On the plus side the in app customer service team are on point. Just messaged, have received a message straight back and the email too and a promise they’ll be looking in to the issues. Couldn’t ask for anymore.


Thanks for letting us know about the issues with delivery of the email.

We’ll check this out to ensure future emails reach everyone they are supposed to! :mailbox_with_mail:

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