The World Cup & Economics

(Tommy Lowe) #1

Happy World Cup Day everybody!

To celebrate I thought I’d share some fascinating ( :wink: ) Goldman reading for you all, check out their summary page below, but if you just want to jump straight into the report itself you can do so by using this link.

Who are you backing to lift the fabled trophy this year?

(Christopher) #2

200,000 probability trees and 1million simulations… It’s good to see GS have reconfigured their W.O.P.R @tommy


(Christopher) #3

@tommy, I thought this was an interesting follow up to your original post. From yesterday’s Guardian (14/07)…

And it looks like one bank called it correctly…allez les bleus ! :fr:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

/ got lucky :wink:

(Tommy Lowe) #5

I was talking to my friend about this, UBS managed to get our position right, at least, though they got the top 3 completely wrong (link to report here) :joy:

(Maike) #6

Hello! I’ve written a little blog post on how the world cup & other current events have had a positive effect on the markets & economy! Feel free to check it out! :blush:

(Tommy Lowe) #7

Awesome, thanks @Maike, I’ll have a read later on!