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This conversation got started when @saf shared the news that Larry Ellison is now a member of Tesla’s board:

Bad Blood is a book about Theranos, a Silicon Valley tech startup which claimed to have revolutionised blood testing & made it to a $6bn valuation, with their founder being praised as “the next Steve Jobs”, before everyone discovered that their inventions were all smoke & mirrors. It’s a great read! There’s a more detailed summary of the book here.

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What books do you recommend?

That’s a good book, great journalism originally by John Carreyrou.

Apparently Elizabeth Holmes has been pitching another startup.

I was really surprised with how many smart people she convinced to join her. I wouldn’t have thought George Shultz, James Mattis, or Rupert Murdoch would be so easily caught out.

Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk
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Me too! One of the most surprising nuggets in the book for me was how little due diligence Murdoch does. (Plus the fact that he didn’t try to stop the WSJ’s reporting that kickstarted Theranos’ demise :eyes:). Then again, I found out that he invested in Uber early on too & no one gets VC investment right 100% (or even 25%) of the time..


The papers are worth more, and the investment can become a tax write off, so better to watch from the sidelines. Also I doubt Theranos would have explained everything they were hiding.

The book mentions fake it until you make it, and the bus analogy, I was reading it and thinking of Reid Hoffman’s quote Someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down about entrepreneurs.

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A really great read, highly recommended.

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