Thomas Cook removed?

(Lliam Grant) #1

Just wondering why Thomas Cook was removed?


(Big Boss) #2

To save you from buying a bad company as travel agents get disintermediated by the internet. Haha just joking, I don’t know! Don’t hurt me! :sob:

(Rob Sexton) #3

We removed it as it requires a nationality declaration, which means we have to inform CREST of the nationality of each buyer. We currently don’t have the ability to do this for basic trades, as these are all placed as a single market trade.

This impacts c.15 stocks, mostly airlines and defence, and we are working on a solution to this. Watch this space!


Would it be possible if these shares were only available as instant orders?

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

Or if the stock would just be visible for users with an eligible nationality.

(Rob Sexton) #6

We’re looking at a few options, but restricting to instant only would be one solution.

@Vlad interestingly there are no non-eligible nationalities. It’s more that these companies typically have to have over X% of their shareholders as EU or British, and so need to know the nationality of every investor