Tickr is coming soon to Seedrs

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One more fintech crowdfunding on seedrs.
At first glance seems like a roboadvisor or did I miss something?!

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Yeah it is and they have a gorgeous app

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Indeed. It does look good

(Jack) #4

A roboadviser that charges you 0.7%pa to buy an ETF (ETF costs not included).

Although Freetrade should look to add some “ethical” ETFs/Trusts as there is an increasing demand.


This is a very competitive space, unsure what Tickr’s unique offer is. But I did see this recently

Fountain is a hybrid service offering pre-made portfolios with add-on extra advisory services, see below for pricing.

Their pre-made portfolios have a annual fee of 0.36% excluding underlying fund fee. For context the cheapest robo-advisor is evestor at 0.35%. While Nutmeg’s fee is 0.75% which scales down to 0.35% for amounts over £100k.

Here is a screenshot of some ( all? ) of Fountain’s add-on services from the App Store

P.S. I have no idea how much value Fountain’s add-on services add. Also not affiliated with any of the above.

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Am I missing something here? Fountain seem to offer ‘portfolios’ of one ETF? If I buy their ‘Adventurous’ portfolio I’ll be charged 0.36% to buy an easily accessible Vanguard ETF. Tickr looks like they mix up a combo of 12 ETFs (all easily accessible elsewhere) but at least they ‘manage’ (ahem - ‘rebalance’) them - so at least they have some work to do for the fee!!!

Is this a business model? Charge novice investors 0.36% for the pleasure of buying an ETF they could get for significantly less elsewhere, like, say, Freetrade?

What am I missing? Is this an education piece and users will migrate to Freetrade or ANother broker when they realise? Is this a land grab who’ll sell their client bank to a big broker within a year?

I’m confused

(Emma (#20 😎)) #7

I like tickr, the app is gorgeous and their ETFs aren’t available on Freetrade. But I really don’t want to pay fees.

Not something I will invest in because I don’t see anything original

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The entire tickr ETF list is only 12
Not all offered by Freetrade, agreed - but easily added
Some are also easily substituted
Nice app. Slightly pointless proposition.

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Same with Dozens
Despite the name they offer 15 ETFs
All easily traded elsewhere
Some on Freetrade - or a close approximation
I don’t get it
Again, nice app tho
Would I use it?
Probably not