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Not really seeing what the big problem is, other than all the macro stuff going on all i can see is a 3 month delay. Maybe sellers jumping ship thinking they can make more money elsewhere in that time.

I like Tirupati Graphite, but other than seeing 90 just before the new year it’s been all down hill. They are producing graphite and people are buying the graphite. They are working on producing more graphite which in turn hopefully means they will be able to sell more graphite.

I also like the fact that they are not Chinese, who have a bit of a monopoly on everything.

So i took a few hundred more and will co tinue to add a little at these levels for sure while they continue.

I’ll be topping up as soon as the selling pressure eases. May be investors discounting greater weather risk going forward if the disruptions last FY caused sales to drop by a quarter.