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Are there any plans to include Tirupati Graphite Plc when it IPO’s?

This will IPO soon, can it be listed.

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Dear FT folks, is this likely to be included any time soon?

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We’re on it.


Awesome, thanks.

Check your app in five minutes. :+1:

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Hi Viktor, really appreciate it being added so quickly, thank you. Can I check one thing though, it doesn’t appear to be available within the ISA, only the GIA, is that correct?

I can see it marked as available for ISA on other platforms, so don’t know if it takes an overnight update on FT or it’s some other issue, like the others are incorrect. I’d have though the rules for the stock should be common to every ISA provider shouldn’t they?

Decided to get in this at IPO on Primarybid, I can see its good performance has lifted Nouveau Monde today. The only other listed operational graphite miner in the world that I could find is Syrah Resources. What do people think?

I’ve registered with PrimaryBid and saw it on there but I’ve never used it yet. Do you just nominate a broker?

Yeah I signed up to X-O which seemed like the cheapest broker currently supported and its worked fine for me so far. Obviously most of the raises are rubbish or suspiciously time-limited but a good option to have.

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Why FT is not in the list of supported broker on PrimaryBid? It would be nice to have FT there.

I think they plan too, it’s just not a priority right now. There was a thread where it came up a while back.

Cool, thanks.

Ok, thanks

The team are assessing ISA-eligibility, please bear with us!

Any update if it’s eligible for ISA?

And assuming it’s eligible then what happens if I have already bought in my GIA account? Can they be moved to ISA?


Hi Gaurav, it’s eligible and should be visible as such in your app within minutes.

Regarding the issue you raised, please ping our customer service team either through the in-app chat or on hello@freetrade.io. They will do their best to assist you in the context of any potential constraints.


Thanks for the rapid listing. I have a good feeling about this outfit

I’m thinking of bringing profits from VRS over here. Any reason in particular you were keen to see them listed ?

They are already making money through graphite mining and processing they have contracts to supply their graphite based flame retarded materials and they manufacture Graphene.
You should watch a few interviews with the CEO, he explains all about the history and vision of the company and really is clued up about the sector he’s in. I like a CEO who lays out a roadmap, something you can monitor progress by.
Graphite use is on the up and prices per ton are expected to rise consistently over the next 5 years. And I think Graphene based products will start to become more common over the next 5 yrs, it really is a game changing material