Tirupati Graphite - TGR - Share Chat

Probably unrelated to the 20% rise roday but i just watched an interview that came out filmed during Momentous Events which reminded people about the long term Plan of 400k tons a year and dividends when profitable which prompted me to grab another 25 shares


I’m bullish on anything related to graphite at the moment. So much potential.

After yesterdays announcement of reaching to 30k production goal, a new exec joins the board, and he also owns 1 million shares in TGR

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Sounds good to me, I just need payday to arrive already so that I can buy more of both this and Blencowe.

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Have you looked at Sovereign Metals? SVML

Still a few years away from production but they have a large Graphite deposi along with their Rutile.

I’ll give them a look, I’ll be honest I don’t know anything about rutile.

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