Tiziana Life Sciences Plc - Please merge

I got a notification that this share is being delisted from LSE. I am currently at 40% loss and in cannot but new shares as it will be listed on Nasdaq. Will the share price increase after delisting? what should i do next?


Can someone please guide me?

The reorganisation of Tiziana Life Sciences Plc works a little differently for shareholders in the UK - we are planning to convert your current Tiziana shares into the ADS (American Depositary Shares) listing of Tiziana, traded on the NASDAQ.

If you remain a shareholder in Tiziana, we will then move your Tiziana shares to our US custodian by the 20th October 2021 and update your portfolio.

If approved, the effective date of the Tiziana reorganisation is due to be the 21st October 2021 and we will then send another notification once your portfolio has been updated and your New Tiziana shares are able to be traded through the app.

Please note, your new Bermuda incorporated Tiziana shares will be close-only, meaning you will be able to sell your holding but will be unable to purchase any more new Tiziana shares. This is enforced by our US trading partner as it does not meet their listing requirements.

Let me know if you have any more questions on this.

Essentially, your shares will be close-only; you will not be able to purchase any more Tiziana shares, but you will be able to sell your holding.

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