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Hi everyone!

I’ve read through the community’s recommendations on investing podcasts (here and here) but would love to crowdsource a few more non-investment specific podcasts. If you’ve got a favorite podcast to listen to on your commute or on the weekend, drop it below and I’ll check it out! Any and all podcasts (biz, tech, fintech, sports, etc.) are helpful :slight_smile:

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My list:


I currently listen to the following (and tried many others but removed them after a while)

Fintech Insider
FYI by Ark Invest
Exponential View (Azeem Azhar)
Venture Stories
The ETF Story

Just noticed you mentioned non-investment :slight_smile: I can recommend these:
Desert Island Discs
Friday Night Comedy (BBC)
The Knowledge Project


Lots of the above investing/business ones for me, and also Acquired, Business Wars, Choose FI, FT start up stories, FT tech tonic, How I Built This, Monocle - The Entrepreneurs, Planet Money, This Week in Startups. :headphones:

AND some others including Akimbo (Seth Godin), Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat (Bruce Daisley), Emoji Wrap, Guardian Football Weekly, MashTalk, Song Exploder, Recode Decode, S-Town, Tech’s Message, The Daily, Digiday, Football Ramble, The Terrace, Skift, WIRED.

Can someone please create a few more hours each day for me to get through them…


Glad to see Design Untangled on there @Viktor :slight_smile:

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Non-investment podcasts would have to be James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour and No Such Thing as a Fish.

Investment/finance related FT Money Show, FT News Briefing, Planet Money and The Economist Radio.


Investor Chronicle
BBC - Wake up to Money
The Investing for Beginners Podcast
Freakonomics Radio
NPR - Planet Money


Just discovered James O’Brien has a new(ish) podcast series - Full Disclosure.

Some interesting guests already


WorkLife with Adam Grant


There are quite some gems already in the thread. Still, on the financial/economical side I’m missing

  • the daily FT News Briefing. For me that’s a must during the morning commute.
  • OddLots from Bloomberg
  • Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast
  • FT’s AlphaChat.

In addition not directly related to the markets but more on the entrepreneurial side:

  • Founders Talk
  • The Knowledge Project
  • many more non English podcasts :smiley:
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