Top up from the wrong account


I recently topped up from the wrong account, I used the wrong Chase account - whoops

What is the process now? I’ve contacted support but had no response

Can the refund be sped up if I contact them, rather than the 5-10 working days just passing

Could the other Chase account be linked instead? I also have a pending withdrawal to the correct Chase account so not sure if this would prevent that?

Hi @Jcjc wave

Your FT account is the same as any other bank account. You have, it’s all your money so you’re not getting a refund, it’s just a withdrawal. Withdrawals take 3-5 working days so if you requested it after hours on Thursday it’ll be cleared by Thursday next week at the latest.

You can change your linked account but I believe can do this for security.


Return may have been a better word!

These funds aren’t in my withdrawal cash, it’s sat under pending bank transfer

I need to speak to support to resolve it or it is automatically returned in 5 or 10 working days

Would be good if I could speed it up as the funds had an intended use, I don’t mind switching accounts with Freetrade but I have a pending withdrawal to the other