Top up via bank card

Can anyone advise if the issue with topping up your FT account via bank card method (not Apple Pay) is working again ? I saw a message the other day from FT reporting an issue on it.
Thank you

I’m not aware of topping up by bank card other than using Apple/Android Pay
The only other method is bank transfer

Sorry yes I mean bank transfer.

Topped up this morning and it was instant :tada:

Hi @fabioconte yes this was resolved 1 day ago.

Enjoy topping up instantly now :slight_smile:

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Great thanks all

In case it helps and you heard about the downtime via an in-app message, you can view messages you may have dismissed or that were not read by clicking on your account icon > Contact Us > Read Previous and that should cause anything unseen to flash up again.

That’s essentially all I did to see if it has been resolved :slight_smile: