Top Up with Apple Pay 🍎

Don’t bank with HSBC then. Simples


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I can only guess that the difference is the trade off for not being exposed to higher fees which would have covered the costs of card payments. Maybe once Freetrade’s cash flow is positive, they will take quicker and more sustainable top up options into consideration in excess of £1,000 via Apple Pay :slight_smile:

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I found it a bit fiddly with the ref and dislike the delays. Have you used go cardless? I’d like to see something in one screen of the app more like:

  1. Choose your investment / hold on account
  2. Sort Code
  3. Account number

[ Invest Monthly ]

Then let you change that amount in the app.

I was waiting for the new tax year/isa to set up a monthly transfer so have been manually topping up, probably won’t notice transfers much now. I do remember it felt clunky on first setup though compared to all the other steps.


Yes also they make more money for higher deposits as they charge percentage fees.

I see why FT added this now they’ve explained it has much shorter delays and no weird business hours restrictions. Should be nicer on first onboarding, and hopefully they can ditch the limit or just charge a £1 fee for usage after the first deposit and make some money from it (I’d prefer that to the arbitrary limit which sounds odd when explaining it - fee after first use makes the intended use clear).

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I was about to write and ask this. Waiting for a BAC’s transfer takes the instant buy away.

From the link above

"Are there additional fees to accept Apple Pay?

No. Apple doesn’t charge any additional fees."

Now I’m confused. I wonder if this means they don’t charge additional fees on top of the ones charged by

“Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Interac, eftpos, China Union Pay, Suica, the iD and QUICPay networks, and most card issuers and payment providers.”

Let me check Visa and MasterCard as examples.

Even a 0.2% fee can be too high, specially with basic orders but also with 1£ instant orders as revenue streams.

They don’t charge additional fees on top of what are charged by the card payment processor etc

For Halifax and HL I can top up with a debit card. Not sure if it’s still the case but when I used x-o to withdraw cash you had to send them an email specifying the amount :thinking:

I have asked X-O to withdraw all my funds, doing it by email is so backwards!

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I’m curious why Apple Pay isn’t instant?

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There’s some technical limitations slowing down this down at the moment. This is another thing that having our own investment platform will help with :muscle:

45 minutes is the longest these top ups should take to arrive by the way :wink:


I think I’m more excited about the investment platform that I was about the initial launch :yum:


Do you think from a front end point of view users will notice any difference?

Great new feature - really like this idea!

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Would it be possible to ditch the lifetime limit and instead impose a charge after first use or something which covers your costs? Presumably £1 would cover it, and it would mean people can instantly put money in if they want to, for a small fee. It feels a bit weird to have such a nice to use feature, but limit it so that people can only use it at the start, and the £1000 limit feels pretty arbitrary.

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I’m against anything that adds more things to the price list but it does seem a wasted feature if it can’t be used more

Although bank transfer is just as easy once you’ve set it up

Curious what the cost is for Apple Pay. I’m guessing it carries no extra costs on top of the regular card processing fees. However this could still be £14.20+ per £1000 if you take Stripe’s fee for European cards which is 1.4% + 20p.

Yes true. I think I’d prefer a cap on a single transfer amount (say £200) and a fee which covers costs rather than a lifetime cap, maybe one free topup at the start to get new users going. Might even make Freetrade some money if they price it right.