Top Up with Apple Pay 🍎

Seems strange to be adding more payment options rather than focusing on improving the existing bank transfer experience. New users might end up expecting debit card payments, only for them to be removed in several months if it’s found to be too costly to operate.

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Generally it’s the first top up that’s the problem as people are keen to get started. After that setting up a standing order or a bank transfer is quick and painless with most banks


Anyone managed to top up with APPLE PAY and AMEX ? It would be a game changer for me to invest with my AMEX and get those sweet sweet points :slight_smile:

Not tried it with a Credit Card but wonder if the card issuer would treat it as cash advance?

By the way, forgot to post, this is what it looks like in Monzo :blush:

*I only topped up a small amount as I was testing it.


AWW good point @saf I really don’t want to pay those 3-4% that AMEX charges. Hence would try to top up £5 first to see how all plays out. But at this point when I try to do Apple Pay it doesn’t let me use my AMEX and only shows my Monzo.

Have you tried changing your default card in Apple Pay?

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Same :frowning: Maybe it’s not possible with Amex for a good reason.

I just tried it and I think Credit Cards are not enabled. It just toggles to the next card, for me that was Starling.

@alex.s are Credit Cards usable?


Thanks for checking so I know its not just me. I know that Vanguard and HL have banned Credit Cards to fund accounts. Apparently it falls into the category of investing money which you technically don’t have… we all know that doing this is not very smart but from a responsible credit card user who loves the points it would be nice to have that option (as I am spending that money anyway for topping up my investment accounts). Hope that makes sense.

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Thank you FreeTrade. Saw the Apple Pay option on the top-up . Top up is not instant yet, it takes about ~45 mins.

Will introducing Apple Pay mean normal top ups will be faster?

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No, it doesn’t affect our process for bank transfers at all I’m afraid.

On the other hand, our new investment platform will enable us to improve bank transfers in the future :wink:


Will there be a limit on Google Pay when it’s introduced?

What improvements will you be able to make? Are you going to be able to automate them? If there as a low predictable delay they’d feel a lot more smooth - this is the one bit of the app I find a bit frustrating at the moment (and unfortunately Apple Pay doesn’t help because of limits).

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Yes, the same £1,000 lifetime limit will apply.

Yes, exactly that :zap: this may not be possible as soon as we switch to the new platform but like any good tech company, we’re aiming to get to a fully automated process.


What’s the point in a £1K limit? Assume it’s Apple limiting it for some reason, or being limited for a financial reason rather than technical?

Edit: Main reason I ask is because of the three deposits I’ve made so far, two of them have taken over 24hrs. So was going to use my work phone to top up via Apple Pay assuming it’d be quicker.

Freetrade pays a hefty commission on Apple Pay top ups, whereas bank transfers are free.


I would keep this option in case some stock on the watchlist drops super low and you need to buy it now. I keep it as a quick buy moment

Then just allow users to do it but add a fee?

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