Top-ups count towards "down by X since you began investing"?


Noted something strange today — I was “down by 100 since i began investing” and after topping up 50 it shows me that i am down only by 50. It doesn’t seem like anything else moved that much to warrant the difference.

Is this working as intended? Surely a top-up shouldn’t cover the amount of money i lost while investing.

Hi there :wave:

Sorry to hear this is happening, we’ll get this checked out with our Technical Operations team.

Please could you pop us an in-app chat so we can grab some further information?

Cheers, did it already. I think I have a couple of chats that no one is responding to for over 2 days, hope this one goes better -)

I had a similar issue except I deposited and it showed in the amount up by.

Same here, deposits are classed as “money up”, withdrawals classed as “money down”.

Hey @Leito ,

So sorry about that, pop me a PM and I can look into this for you.

Our Technical Operations team are now looking into this with our Engineers.

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Same here. Since I joined freetrade a couple of months ago, my top-ups are always taken into account in the graphs (I top-up every week so the 7d-1m-1y-graphs are useless as you ca see the difference between what you made and the top-ups).
If you could change it to reflect only the gains/losses, that would be perfect!


I’ve had the exact same thing with a top-up today. It counted against my gain by the exact amount i deposited.

Hi all :wave:

Our Engineering Team have been working on this, and they’re rolling out a fix for this right now.

You should see your Gain/Loss re-calculate over the coming hours to correctly display, this should be completed by 6PM.

Apologies once again, and thanks for bearing with us.

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The graph has always been like that. I think they are working on some new graphs with this in mind. Only a new bug where deposit / withdraw is showing as gain / loss

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Can confirm that it is fixed for me now.

Any chance we can actually have gain and loss shown as a percentage.