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What’s Barclay’s price range? Somebody got a share worth £12 and others £20 but didn’t mention what shares.

(Vladislav Kozub) #22

Barclays’ value is currently £1.50 per share and I just assumed Trading 212 would not be too generous giving £10 to £20 to everyone who signs up. Maybe those who get cheap ones don’t brag? :smiley:


I got my free share today worth £16.55 (OCI). :money_mouth_face: Seems like they’re very generous indeed. :scream:


Don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but as a user of 212 for about a year now they seem to have introduced a Minimum order quantity of £50+ since last week. For me this is pretty big because I don’t want to be investing in dozens or even hundreds of penny stocks, even shares just below £50 it now forces you to buy two which is just ridiculous in my opinion. It also means that my positions with, say, two shares cannot be sold off individually anymore which…plain sucks. Currently stuck in an ever-growing customer support queue trying to see if I can find out why they made the decision (reminds me of the last time I contacted support asking what would happen if a stock I owned was bought out, to which the rep replied simply “that’s a good question”).

Despite what it sounds like, actually been generally pleased with T212’s service; they’ve improved the UI a lot over the last few months and free instant execution is kind of addictive ngl. Still, I think they may have just made a rather large mistake, haven’t even announced this anywhere afaik

(Emma) #26

So they have, it’s in their trading conditions


Yeah Idrk, this together with that recent inactivity fee is really making me think they’re just starting to exploit their huge userbase instead of using that scale to improve services etc.


I don’t know about this as I’ve only joined for the free share. I’ve deposited to qualify and to see how it goes since I’m still waiting for the android app of Freetrade. I see a lot of people trying it because of the random free share strategy that also turns out to be generous and worth it ( I deposited £1 and now my total fund is almost £30 although the free shares value is still in blocked funds). Once it’s settled, free Chinese takeaway meals for me soon. :grinning:

(Jonny) #29

Hey, I’ve just done the same. However the £1 deposit has still not cleared. How long did it take for yourself?

(Giridhar Tammana) #30

I’m right on it :yum:


It is a very good trading platform, no doubt. Automatic SL/TP, Pending orders, price alerts. Its helped make me a fair bit but I am still predominantly investing not trading so this has definitely leaned me over to Freetrade now.

As for the promotion, I assume you can still sell your share even if it is under the min. I looked at the T&Cs and saw this:

All market sell orders for Referral Shares will be accepted and executed as an aggregated market order at the close of the relevant market by default. We are taking this approach in order to avoid multiple market sell orders for 1 share each as this can be considered as market abuse by the stock exchanges. Limit orders will not be aggregated and will be executed at the price specified by You.

(Giridhar Tammana) #32

That was pretty quick
It is showing just 1 GE share given as promotion :slightly_frowning_face: worth $10 so I have to deposit more to get my money back.


@Jonny My deposit was instant. It shows up as soon as your account is activated. Some people didn’t get it right away as they had to upload their IDs.

@dkeighobadi Thanks for the info. I’ll see how it goes for me. I have no intention in being an active user there and only wanted the free share so I didn’t read much.

@littlefinger Why do you have to deposit more to get the money back?

(Giridhar Tammana) #34

Well I want to cashin free share as well, and I have to buy some before I can sell because its value is less than £50.

But more deposit is not really required.


So this min £50 has just been recently implemented? The prev posts I’ve seen about this free share offer didn’t mention this at all and they’ve just withdrawn after their shares have settled. Seems like we’re late but not a prob. :popcorn:

(Emma) #36

The £50 is showing as minimum buy, haven’t seen it mentioned as a minimum selling limit


Unfortunately that doesnt seem to be the case.

Here is what shows up if I try to sell a single share under the limit:


I only own two shares here so the MQL is slightly pointless imo (I can clearly close my existing position. All round terrible implementation, especially for existing users like me who literally only found out as I was planning an order.

(Emma) #38

Ok I know this isn’t the point but that design is horrible :grimacing:
Why say ‘must be equal or greater than 3’ instead of ‘must be 3 or more’ and volume in one place but quantity in another?


Oof they need some (content) designers on both the words and the confusing proposition.

(Giridhar Tammana) #40

Definitely copied from comments in the code in hurry.

But the app is not too bad, what I disliked most is portfolio view or lack thereof.


This is the new Account overview panel they brought in for the web app recently which I quite like. iOS/Android apps in general are fairly bad.