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Jargony for the sake of it



As for the promotion, I assume you can still sell your share even if it is under the min.

I can confirm that this is correct. I got 2 free shares and sold one just now below the £50 min. I only have one left which will be unblocked later tonight. :+1:


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They’ve just given me a free Porsche share :hushed: :money_mouth_face:


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I should have taken someones referral link, anyway if someone is going to open account, you are free to use my link :wink:


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I referred my friend for both FT and 212 and his question just now.
He got both apps on his phone and did not use FT yet.

As a investor in FT I’m regretting referring 212 to my friend :sweat:
What he was saying is, he can’t find many stocks, and it is very odd that one has to request for new ones to be added. And the shares he was looking were already on 212.

So what can I say to him?



I mean requesting stocks is a pretty powerful feature. New stock additions aren’t even announced for 212. Freetrade is literally growing and improving constantly. The main advantage 212 has right now is pending, order limits etc, Dutch+German stocks and free instant execution (in that order imo). It doesn’t have very good NYSE coverage weirdly, and the new restrictions are deal breakers, especially in the “fee-free” space.



Freetrade has a fair amount of stocks now. Personally I think limiting available stocks to start with is a good thing for a app made for the general public. It’s also worth bearing in mind that more choice in itself can end become a costly distraction for investors.

Although I do understand his point of view. Given that I’m not sure what you could say to get someone to switch over. Perhaps convince him to use both apps, I’m sure Freetrade’s core functionality will win him over, and eventually those stocks might come into the app.

Out of curiosity what stocks are missing? Have they been requested?


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Segate, Western digital and Spx technologies where he worked in the past.

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I signed up to Trading 212 get a free share it using someone here’s referral link. The conversation here about Freetrade’s vs 212’s proposition and whether FT has a distinctive difference made me expect that they’d feel quite similar!

But no. 212 is a trader’s product: loads of dials, graphs, numbers twitching up and down, flashing red and black and green. It all encourages a certain mindset (beat the market, take action and trade nowwwwww), and trading CFDs/margin/leverage etc is a click away. 212 is for people who want all of that, and trade enough that they need to see the spread updating in real time.

I will sell my share of AMD - if I can work out how - and never return!

(Also seems a bit counter-productive to spend up to 200 acquiring a customer and then present them with a product so complex that they can’t use it.)


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Android user here. I was drawn to 212 with the free share offer, have since deposited £100 just to give it a try, seems okay. Looking forward to Freetrade when it’s up and running.
Anyway here’s my link if you want a free share, fingers crossed it will be better than Commerzbank @€6!

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At least they have an Android app!


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That was another reason giving them a go!


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Anyway they have lot to improve
See the numbers in the picture, are they apples or oranges?



Seems T212 has lowered the minimum order amount to 10 GBP/EUR/USD. Much better than 50 but it seems you can no longer sell off part of your <10 positions anymore…

Here’s my link if anyone wants it.