Trailing Stop Loss Order

Are you considering Training Stop Loss order type for Alpha launch?

I set a percentage (lets say 10%), and stop loss limit will increase as share touches new highs, but doesn’t go down of price drops, for example, starting price is 90, trailing stop loss is set at 10%, price fluctuates between 85 and 90 nothing changes, as the price go to 100 stop loss limit increases with it, as long as the price doesn’t touch 90 (new limit) nothing happens, the share will be sold when it is on or lower than 90.

Think we are waiting for plus to be launched, apparently some sort of limit/stop functionality will be involved.

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A trailing stop loss is useful. Would like to see it developed!


this is a great idea!

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I would like this also. Was just thinking about this the other day.

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An awesome feature to add to the app, helps the investor to manage risk much easier without continual manual intervention of deleting old stop losses and creating replacement ones each time the price moves up