Transfer into Freetrade - Brokerage Account Number Required

Hi all,

I’m being made redudant and I was part of a Long Term Incentive share scheme and I’m holding a number of vested shares. This is on a the company branded Equate+ platform that uses my company login credentials to access, so I need to move the shares to a Brokerage Account berfore I leave.

I already have an active Freetrade Account which I assume is a good place to transfer in my vested shares.

On the Equate+ platform to perform the move I need to add the Brokerage Account I wish to transfer my vested shares to. To set this up I need an Account Number but I do not see an Account Number in my Freetrade App.

Anyone know if this is possible to achive and where I get my Account Number



I also was part of a Long term incentive share scheme and I tried to transfer shares from Equateplus but the team said no as I am a certificated shareholder. It’s not something Freetrade can support at the moment as there are operational resources needed to manage certificated shares.

In answer to your question the account number is the same as the reference used to transfer money in. You can contact customer service to obtain it.

The most annoying part of leaving my shares with Equateplus is that I’m forced to reinvest dividends.

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Hi @matg I can’t improve on @J4ipod94 ’s comprehensive answer but wanted to say I hope they’re paying you off with a nice redundancy cheque and you land at a better job soon!

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Hopefully the vested shares aren’t in an overseas company like mine were - trying to find another broker able to transfer them from Equateplus into an ISA proved to be nigh on impossible.

This is why shares should be on the blockchain

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