Transfer ISA out as shares

Could you please confirm that at the moment transfer an ISA out is only possible as cash (i.e. sell all the holdings before transferring) and not as shares (i.e. transfer the actual holdings without selling them).
It seems that you now allow to tranfer in ISAs as shares, but it is not so clear about transferring out.

If, as I suspect, transferring out as cash is the only option. Are you planning to implement this any time soon? And is so, is it a matter of months, years, or it is for now not in the horizon?

I am considering to move my whole ISA portfolio to you. But part of that is planning for contingency should present conditions or circumstances change, i.e. needing to move my portfolio elsewhere just as it is happening now. However, the high toll of having to sell all holdings (most in foreign currency) and repurchasing is a main concern and main deterrant for me to move to you, and I supsect this may be the case for other users. Having some clarity and information about this and future plans would be very useful to me – and I suspect to many.