Transfer non-ISA Stocks & Shares

Hi all
Somewhat a beginner investor and considering a Stocks and Shares ISA.
I have a few shares held within Revolut and now started holding some in Freetrade.
My question is, am I able to move my freetrade shares into an SS ISA at all? Or do I need to buy the shares through the ISA?


You can’t transfer out your Revolut shares, so would have to sell them.

Sorry! I just got your question.

You would have to message Freetrade staff in the app to move the shares.

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Thanks, thats understandable.
Does this mean I can transfer from my freetrade to the ISA?

I think you can, just message the staff.

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You can’t transfer shares from a normal account in to an ISA. You will have to sell them and rebuy.

You can only transfer in shares held in another ISA.