Transfer SIPPs from other providers

(Nick) #1


When the android app launches will there be any options to transfer a sipp from Hargreaves Landsdown? Looking to move my whole portfolio over when everything is up and running!

Transferring portfolios from other Brokers
(Vladislav Kozub) #2

SIPPs are on the roadmap but not seem to be a short-term feature to be implemented.

Let’s hope Androids and ISA will be up and running in summer to start with!

(Adam) #3

Me too, Nick, my SIPP is sitting with HL and I hate paying the 0.45% custody charge.:money_with_wings:

ISAs are out :boom: let us know your thoughts here
(Alban Roger) #4

My SIPP is with Interactive Investors and I can’t wait to transfer it, as well as tell my friends to do the same. When you see the spot FX spreads I have paid over the years…£1,000s.


Do you have any more information on how FreeTrade can transition SIPPS or am I too early ? I have one with Transact Online and would be interested to see the pros and cons of moving to FreeTrade.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Let’s hope the FCA bans this sort of thing by the time Freetrade’s SIPP is ready :nauseated_face:

Investors charged hundreds of pounds for Isa and Sipp exit fees - FT

Data show Hargreaves, AJ Bell and Interactive Investor among most expensive platforms

This is behind the FT’s paywall but you should be able to click through & read the story from this tweet.


Can’t wait to move my SIPP and ISA away from HL. They have one of the best and most informative websites of any UK broker but their fees can get ridiculous. Will be very happy when I have both with Freetrade!

(Jim) #8

The Vanguard SIPP is due by the end of 2018. My HL SIPP is purely VG Target Retirement so a no brainer transfer for me.


HL might be one of the highest fees-wise while you’re accumulating but when you come to drawdown, it’s one of the more competitive, with no drawdown set up fee, no charges for one off or regular withdrawals or for changing income instructions.The latter is critical for flexibility, eg you’d want the option to amend your income if the market crashed or was buoyant and not have to be charged each time you change your mind.

A long time in the future for most people on here but will be interesting to see what Vanguard’s SIPP charges will be.