Transferring shares from computershare into Freetrade ISA

It has now been 4 months since the request, and it was advised it should be doable, and would only take a few weeks.

Can you advise an update please.

I have an SAYE maturing shortly and I would like to transfer into my Freetrade ISA account, which will help for CGT planning.

If Freetrade can’t provide this service, I will have to look to other providers, hence the reason it would be good to have a response on this.

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Hey @dave50 I’m going to DM you for more information

I’m also interested in this topic - got a company scheme administered by Equiniti and looking to move my SIP shares into my Freetrade ISA.

Is there any update on whether this is possible yet?

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Generally from what I understand. To transfer employee shares to an ISA on maturity, this must be done within 90 days of the maturity and you also need to give a letter of appropriation to your ISA provider

For this sort of time bound activity I would recommend using HL then transfer from them once completed if needed. You need Customer Service for these type of transfer processes to check on progress.