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Big story in the travel industry today with the news that Chinese giant (formerly Ctrip) has entered into a joint venture with another big name, reviews platform TripAdvisor.

This includes a global content-licensing agreements for TripAdvisor content, which could now be used across the suite of brands which includes Skyscanner and a stake in Indian travel agent Make My Trip.

The Ctrip group recently re-branded their group as Group. You can see the re-branded stock on your app.

*As always, this is not investment advice.

Very interesting. I always use TripAdvisor to find restaurants and SkyScanner to book my flight.

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Yeah, there are big-name players which are increasingly becoming go-tos in each category:

Flights: Skyscanner
Hotels: Booking
Apartments: Airbnb
Reviews: TripAdvisor

(And of course many other local and niche players for other use cases)

Each of these big apps is looking to differentiate in different ways. Skyscanner is moving towards a marketplace model where you can book direct with the providers it shows, directly on the Skyscanner app. And Airbnb hired an aviation stalwart as Head of Transportation to explore ideas outwith their core accommodation offering.

At the same time, there also partnerships between many of them, e.g. you can book hotels on via the Hotels section on Skyscanner, and Airbnb can also be found on one or two other travel apps, such as Hipmunk.

There’s a long way to go, but everyone wants to be the ‘Amazon of travel’.

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Hi Sam,

Why was the stock removed from the app? Pretty disappointed.



It’s there in the basic account, not in ISA account.

Hi @Robbo545 — as @fte mentioned, is available in the Basic Account but not available in the ISA.

This for regulatory reasons around recognised stock exchanges by the HMRC. There are a couple of other stocks which fall into this category, such as Alibaba and Baidu.

Also a bit more context here:

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Hey @sampoullain

My apologies, didn’t realise that! Thanks for letting me know.

Is there a thread/list on the community that shows what stocks are available in the basic account outwith the ISA?