Tritax Big Box 📦 REIT - BBOX

I want to invest in Trtax but the fee for doing so is too much of a cost to factor in to any potential gains. I had to give double take look at the costs because it was just so unbelievably astronomical.

It is a high fee compared to the much cheaper index tracker ETFS.

As I know I’m paying for active management, I’ve not been too bothered about the fee, have continued topping up my holding over the years while it’s on a discount so overall holding is currently +38%.

That said, I hold it for its dividend so not really aiming for capital gains but obvs nice when you get that too.

For info, I don’t hold this in my Freetrade, I hold with another broker in an ISA.


Glad your investment is working out well for you- well done and thank you for the info.

regarding the fees how are they applied? Does it get taken out when your purchase the share or when to sell?

Like ETF fees, you won’t see a separate fee applied, it’s accounted for in the share price.

I see and that’s with all fees expect stamp duty and fx fees?

Yes, that’s right, although no fx fee for UK stock.

What fee are you referring to? The REIT management fee? If so, it is not unlike other peers in the REIT space.

Can you evade pid dividend tax buy opening a SIPP and buying there?

Also is a SIPP a full on tax free account with zero tax reporting requirements and zero tax paying requirements, like an ISA?

You dont need to do any reporting on a SIPP regarding buy/sells as far as I know.

If your a high rate earner then you’ll need to claim back tax relief via self assesment. Which just means adding your total investment figure onto your tax return.

A SIPP wont be accessable until your reach 57 (might be higher depending on future Gov retirement age rises). There will be tax implications on drawdown if you go over your total annual tax allowance following your 25% tax free lump sum…if you take it.

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