Trivago - TRVG

Trivago is a German-based hotel and accommodation search platform that closed 2018 with the ability to connect customers in over 190 countries to more than three million hotels and alternative accommodations, such as private apartments. Shares of TRVG have tumbled 37% over the last year from almost $9 a share to below $6. With that said, the company operates in a high-margin business and Trivago saw its profits jump in the fourth quarter, while the company’s consolidated revenue per qualified referral jumped 13%.

Peeking ahead, our Zacks Consensus Estimate calls for the company’s adjusted Q1 fiscal 2019 earnings to soar 129%. This bottom-line growth is expected to continue for the full year with 2019’s earnings projected to skyrocket over 214%. On top of that, Trivago’s 2020 revenue is projected to climb 7.8% above our current year estimate that calls for a 2.4% decline. Trivago is currently a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) based, in part, on its positive earnings estimate revision activity.

I’m here because I worked out that there are gonna be people somewhere booking holidays well in advance, knowing fine well there’s a pandemic happening, and they may inevitably cancel. However, we should let them. Company get revenue, more people are getting involved and we might be able to make a few bucks on it. I might conveniently have a look to work out where I’d like to go when the time is right. I also happen to like Trivago.

Obviously, not financial advice, but it’s been good fun riding up so far! :metal:

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The price of this stock makes no sense. It was $23 in 2017 and is trading way above where it was pre-Covid.

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And now it’s just under 3$