Bank transfer top ups via Truelayer should reconcile into my FT account automatically (this is what happens in Trading 212). Why doesn’t this happen?

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I think it’s because T212 must fund the deposit themselves so it appears instant. However, the money hasn’t actually reached them yet and may still be in your pending transactions when the money has already appeared in your account. I think T212 just fund the top-up to the account from their own liquidated cash so that it is instant.

This is my assumption at least, I think other places do this too like Revolut the top-up money appears instantly but hasn’t actually left my account yet same with betting websites. This is why deposits on those places are so quick but withdrawals take longer because you actually have to receive the money yourself. I think they just fund it from their own pocket and take the hit of waiting for the money to actually arrive with them. I assume FT doesn’t have enough cash assets to do this yet.

Or I’m completely wrong and this is not how it works but I can’t think of how else it could work with things like T212, Revolut and betting sites.

Also as far as I’m aware FT have to authorise the deposits manually and do them in batches.


Interesting insight, thanks!


It would be nice to have an answer from a @Freetrade_Admin


The bank top ups are now instant.

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In my case it took 10 seconds for the whole process

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Great that they now have this feature!

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