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Great article on ditching the car. Something I will be doing this year. There’s another article I read in 2016 but can’t find it. It was cost comparison of owning vs rideshare. This article delves into biking and electric scooters too though. This is US data and you might be able to apply it to where you live. I can apply it to Portugal but not to Ireland. Ireland doesn’t have true rideshare and all drivers are taxi drivers

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Uber CEO interview:

I’m definitely long Uber, bringing profitability forward makes me a little more edgy though.

My best stock performing stock at the moment - up 20% in the last month alone.


Looks like Uber is losing money on food delivery too.

A report from investment firm Cowen may have left a sour taste for Uber Eats this week.

The report zeroed in on the unit economics, or per-order costs, of Uber’s food-delivery platform. Cowen’s analysts estimate that Uber is currently losing $3.36 on every order. They expect that loss to shrink to $0.46 per order by 2024, but didn’t say anything about when the food-delivery business might turn a profit.


Now, the head of Uber Eats is stepping down.

Uber is great - if you’re a user.

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Good chance for Uber to skyrocket again?

Strong push with their UberEats Service a lot of offers they’re introducing so they can ensure good profits as its driving alot of traffic

Along with them having new leadership which should lead to them to having a stable and strong future

30% up today something is happening

That’s me ordering UberEats every day during social distancing :smiley:
But seriously, their business must be booming (relative to other companies) at the moment,with people avoiding public transport and ordering in.


Doubt your binge is priced in yet:)
Or maybe someone scooped up a big slice.

Uber stock skyrockets after company says it has plenty of cash to get through coronavirus crisis

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Damnit. Was considering doubling down on my Uber investment too.

It’s still 68% down from all time highs, I’m long Uber also (next 5-8 years) so anything under 25 I consider a buy for sure! …my opinion obviously.

How do we think this’ll go?

Not well unfortunately…


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:raised_hands: great news

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I think the Judge has made the right call. If Uber is treating drivers like employees then they should have to meet the same standards that other employers do.


Fantastic ruling. Hopefully this runs the gig economy out of business or forces them to actually compete.

“Move fast and break things” looking ironic now…

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