UK interest rates

Any thoughts on today’s UK interest rates rise from 0.5% to 0.75%? Does it change anyone’s investing strategy etc?


I know that in theory this should encourage people to save more but as that story points out -

However, after the last rate rise in November, half of savings accounts [interest rates] did not move at all.

& even if the banks pass this on, I doubt the increase in rates will be very significant.

So for me, this doesn’t really change anything, there’s still lots of options that can earn you a bigger return if you’re willing to tolerate the risk :wink:


Well I was thinking of remortgaging, you can bet that mortgage rates move up a damn site faster than savings accounts.

Oh well I am still tied in for another year anyway.

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Will be interesting to see the call they make, I’ve no idea which way they will go

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Only suprise for me is that they didn’t increase interest rates above 0.75%

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One member preferred to maintain Bank Rate at 0.5%.