UK to require all new homes to include EV chargers!

Obviously not.


You appear to be of the opinion that there is no solution and this will all end in tears, I’m not and don’t think it will. It will require a energy mix and will take time. The very smart phone you use to access FT would have been mind blowing before the iPhone was launched in 2007.

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You couldn’t be more wrong in my beliefs if you had tried.

My point is that people are expecting something that is just not attainable by 2030. The date will get pushed back because of lack of infrastructure.

I have family in the wind turbine business, so I know the issues and problems there, and I know about trying to get EV points in remote locations, as we have tried to get companies to install them at our worksite in the southwest.

They are only interested in urban areas, but without adequate charging points in remote or holiday destinations then the whole system collapses. Try going on holiday in your EV to the west country and failing to find a charging point because the population in the area has increased 10 fold, and the electrical capacity of the region cannot cope.

We need more conventional fossil fuel and nuclear power stations, but these take decades to build, (I can see the new Hinkley Point C station from my nearest beach).

It’s not going to all happen in the time that the public is being told it will.

If I’ve misunderstood you’re beliefs it’ll be because I’ve only had your posts and comments to work from.

This is the same problem that has face high soles internet. You’re right this will likely be a weak point and work around will need to be found but the majority of people live in urban and suburban locations.

I agree. No silver bullet.

I have to disagree about high speed internet. For 99.9% of businesses, the speed we currently have is more than adequate for their needs.

I know this because I have created and maintain our own company website.

We don’t need high speed internet to get people visiting holiday destinations.

However we do need then to be able to get about on their holiday. Public transport is non existent, and if they can’t charge their EV then holidays in the UK will be severely hampered. You’d need a charging point at every parking space in every hotel, B&B, holiday park, campsite, tourist attraction, pub and restaurant.

However these would all only be at full use for maybe 8 weeks a year at best, and who’s going to stump up the cash for something that will be unused for 9-10 months per year.

I’ll tell you now, no-one, because that’s what we are finding, whilst trying to get anyone interested in installing charging points here. They love our location, and are more than happy to say yeah, we’d love to work with you, and then when we tell the the breakdown of the car numbers each week over a year, they come out in cold sweats, and run for the hills.

It’s things like this that tells me that whilst the intentions are admirable, actually doing it will not happen for at least 30 years if not longer.

Funny that is, most houses in Sweden have had electric chargers since way before I was born and I’m 46 :slight_smile:
Mostly obviously to heat up the engine and the inside of the car though, but still lol

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It gets cold in Sweden :sweden:


This may be true today but wrong for tomorrow. Everything on the net is using more and more power and we can’t wait until we need the new speeds needed to react. Even basic usage will soon need more than we see as fast today and it is a long project to get done.


22% of rural areas are using <10mb broadband. In 2922 that is not adequate

The hotel that has reservations on line, the tea room that want to do do is media marketing, the sailing school who want to upload videos … of course rural areas need fast broadband. That’s to say nothing for helping these area get high quality well paid year round jobs.

Because right now the case for a private investment isn’t there, yet. I don’t know where you are but you’re likely a little ahead of the curve and the trend for this curve is getting sharper. When it hits a critical mass you’ll have no issues.

BEV = Battery Electric Vehicle

Totally rubbish about hotels needing more than 10mb for reservations.

I work in the tourist industry, we have less than 10mb internet, and yet over the summer we can easily sell 5000+ tickets per day on our website.

A vast number of the tourism sector use second party companies for their reservations and ticket sales, not because of low broadband but for ease of use. Even the big boys with millions of visitors per year, don’t do the reservations in house.

It’s a myth that companies in remote areas need superfast broadband. The vast majority of SME’s can run their business fine with current speeds. Especially in the tourism sector. In our sector of the tourism industry I have never heard anyone complaining about slow internet speed affecting their business.

I hope that 10Mb connection isn’t the only thing for the hotel guests to use with their mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs in the rooms, kids’ tablets/mobile consoles, video calls, etc etc! That would be a totally rubbish experience.

Talking of hotel rooms, I feel like booking one for the two of you!

I spent some time looking for a betting market last night, specifically to see if there was one about the 2030 date for the end of new ICE car sales being pushed back but unfortunately not - however one could be started on an exchange like Betfair/Smarkets. I think I’d have more luck betting against that than I do with picking companies to invest in!


As someone who was a hotel manager I can tell you we 100% needed a better broadband connection to satisfy the business and the customer needs :+1: From Wifi through to HD sport it all eats up the connection.

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the trend for more data and energy is inevitable.

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I can’t help but laugh at anybody who says a 10MB connection is enough bandwidth for a hotel. Even a small B&B in the middle of nowhere.

I regularly work remotely from hotels and can tell you first-hand that my work will gobble your connection in its entirety. And I’m just a single guest.

Get with the times.


Agree. And especially since most/many businesses are moving towards cloud a based environment and wfh/anywhere.

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You gotta love this forum! Witty yet informative.

All I know is that better speeds means better experience for me as a potential customer


Teeny weeny issue with this.
Daughter just bought a new Persimmon home and yes, it came with charging point in the garage. Problem is, it’s mounted on the back wall and todays garages are too small to get cars in. They can’t even get a VW Golf in it.
So, the Charging point is neither use nor ornament.


This might have been her issue …


Dreadful workmanship.

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Being an owner of several properties I would honestly say that I would never buy one of these new builds for the snagging issues, small diemensions, tiny widows they put in them, and often leasehold issues. People should avoid them like the plague. Just my opinion of course.

I know a bit off topic but the above post highlights this fact with the unusable garage with chargepoint in it.

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