UK Treasury bill - Treasury bill chat

I have £14,000 in Uk treasury bills made about £61 in interest . I know tax will still have to be payed on it.
However the fact l can see my money growing visually for 24 hours in a day gives me the incentive to keep saving.
I think its brilliant. I for one have zero motivation locking the money away in monument bank to get 5.25% especially as you have to lock £25 000 away. I love clicking on to the freetrade APP any time even in the middle of the night and sometimes catch the numbers changing. Only tying it up for a month. Great thing you can set it to automatically invest. Brilliant introduction from freetrade


Yes, but until it is inside an ISA I’m never going to use it. Would be nice if it got sorted before September as that is when the childcare costs are going to drop and I’ll have an extra ~£800 per month to use. I wouldn’t want to lock it away in stocks and shares, but the treasury bills would be ideal.


5.23% this round it seems


Recent quote from shareholder update email:
“we’ll soon offer UK Treasury bills in tax wrappers”

Hopefully this is sooner rather than later!


That’s good news


Hopefully both.


That would be amazing.

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My bills are missing from the app. Anyone else seeing this?

Yup, same here, so not just you.

Hope it’s fixed soon as I was planning on topping up tomorrow but wouldn’t want to touch it whilst it’s not playing ball for fear of messing things up.

@acamp … maybe one for you/the team to investigate?

EDIT: Call off the dogs, seems to be working now.


Yes it is fixed for me too. :tada: