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Ah good, that removes the out of investment time.


Do you have a target allocation in mind for T-Bills in your ISA?

I’ve allocated 11% to treasuries so far and I would like to double that at a slower pace. All sort of conflicting ideas out there re bonds, hard to say what’s good practice and what’s trend or just noise.

Hi, anyone know how I can take my money back out, please?

Go to the treasury tab, and click on the list of T-Bills invested, it’ll bring them a list of them again under a graph. Adjust the amount to reinvest down to zero if you don’t want to reinvest it. Then when the maturation date is reached, it will fall back into the account as cash.



I haven’t used this since it changed to isa but does this use up your Allowence?

So if I put 20k in for example would that be my yearly Allowence used now?

It sure does, anything you add to your ISA takes up part of your allowance.

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Dammit my pesky plans to make a missed shift pay etc per month using it won’t work due to the amount of cash needed to put in and out to get the interest.

Ps. Never mind I think I didn’t notice I can still use my gia for doing treasuires and it won’t effect my isa

Hey all this is my first foray into treasury bills. Kudos to FT for giving us somewhere to park cash and earn decent interest on it.

I can’t afford to lose this money so it needs to be as safe as possible.

Mines in an ISA, I know it will affect the ISA allowance but I highly doubt I’ll get anywhere near the 20k for it to be a problem. Frankly unless you are saving for a house purchase why would you be putting away 20k a year?

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But it’s actully easy to hit that 20k mark if you withdraw and add in and out if you were just using it to gain some cash that month or random months.

If people have lots of cash spare then that would be the reason they put 20k into their isa a year and still being stuck with an issue of being left with extra cash but then there’s LISA, SIPP and all that as well.

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@Kiava We have an update coming that soon that we think you might like :eyes:


Yay that sounds magic Luke, looking forward to it.

May the deposits not effect your yearly ISA Allowence live on <(^-^) >

Use the force Luke use the force.

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Will we be getting a flexible ISA a wonder…


Sounds like it yipeeee or something similar :smiley:

@acamp Happy Flexible ISA Money making Cake Alex, hope you have a good one :partying_face:

:crossed_fingers:t2:for flexible ISA as I would transfer from other accounts.


Has anyone been able to set up a recurring order to invest fresh capital in T Bills on a weekly basis?

AFAIK they do not have that functionality in place yet. Though I would like it both on a stand-alone basis + an option to include it in my monthly recurring order.


That is shame, would be really useful to be able to set up a weekly DD to Freetrade and then a weekly recurring order for a T-Bill so that I can keep putting fresh capital in without having to do myself. Would make the saving process a lot easier.


My Treasury trade from yesterday is still showing as queued. Was the auction impacted by the global IT outage, or is it just delayed with updating?