Unable to copy unique reference

Downloaded App today, and attempting to set up TOP UP Bank transfer. It reminds me to COPY reference, but unable to - clicking reference or copy icon does nothing. Doing it all manually is an option, but seems a chore… and makes me lose confidence in this app

(I did add funds through ipay easily)

Am I missing something?

I dont know if you are android or apple, but on android at least there is a copy button to the right of the unique reference - looks like


Hey there, welcome to the forum :wave:

Selecting ‘copy’ should actually copy it to your clipboard, even though nothing pops up to show you that, as such.

We’re also rolling out an Open Banking integration which will mean no more reference numbers and bank transfers. This has started to roll out to customers on Android from this week, and will be on iOS shortly.

Finally, Apple Pay and Google Pay deposits are instant.

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