Unable to view/ access ISA account in the app

I’ve been unable to open/access/view ISA accounts in the app. Have contacted the Customer Support team via the in-app chat, but other than tell me where I should be able to see ISAs, and that I already have one open, they haven’t been much help. Apparently I should see an orange button on the account page to switch between my basic and ISA accounts, but this isn’t displaying.

Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if there’s a way to resolve this? Am running app v2.7.5 on iOS 13.3. Have already tried logging out & in again, and deleting/reinstalling the app but no luck. Any ideas?

Can you take a screen shot of your portfolio page? So we can see what it looks like?

The button looks like this:


Hi :wave:

Please could you pop me a DM with the email you use on the app so I can take a look? :relaxed:

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Can someone helo I have a similar problem with my app that I cannot log into my account but is saying I have one already active which is correct