Unacceptable lag with US stock prices

This has been ongoing since I first joined back in April. The live prices from Yahoo Finance and offered prices here on Freetrade always lag 4 / 5 minutes from Market Open. I’m also still getting way off prices after confirmation, to what is being proposed. Unless this is fixed, i will leave this platform.

I’d adjust your expectations to be frank. Yahoo prices are not live. Live prices are seriously expensive, too expensive to give away for free.

10-15 min delay is pretty much industry standard & more importantly, more than sufficient for 99/100 people that invest their money. If you truly need more timely data than this then in all liklihood you are trading & you’re likely materially better off on a different platform anyway


Freetrade, a startup founded 2015 - launched on iOS in Oct 2018 and Android in April 2019.

Meanwhile, over at AJ Bell, founded in 1995 and with a market cap of £1.72bn…



Sorry but you will not get live dealing prices unless you subscribe elsewhere. These will be delayed feeds that you see.

With platforms aimed for traders, not investors, you have to pay additional fees for live market data

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