Unique Reference Number

So far I’ve deposited to my account using Google Pay. Following today’s announcement I want to deposit via bank transfer and to do so need to provide my “Unique Reference Number”
Please can anyone advise me where I can find my Unique Reference Number?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you doing it from within the app? If so that’s always been pre-populated for me.

If you’re doing it from your banking app, then unsure I’m afraid.


If you’re doing it via your banking app/website, just copy what’s in the app for deposit details. As EuanG says, it’s right in the app. If you use open banking, it’ll be all sorted out for you.

Thanks so much. Via the app I didn’t need to provide the information I just hadn’t followed the steps far enough along to realise. I appreciate your help!


Hi all, I have the same query as C.B. Above - I don’t know what my unique ref number is for paying money into my ISA. I am going to have to do this through tele banking as my card isn’t working in my card reader. The bank will ask for the company name, sort code, their account number (all 3 of which I have), but also my own ref number and I have no idea what this is. Where can I find this please? Need to pay in by Monday but don’t think this will be possible now

If, when going through the bank transfer process for the first time, you do not select your bank from the list of Open Banking supported banks, you’ll be presented with this information in order to make a manual payment.

It appears though that once you select your bank and are directed through the Open Banking flow, you can’t get these manual payment details back again.

This is just a guess but one thing that might work is to uninstall your banks app from your phone, so that once you try and go through the Open Banking flow again it’ll detect that your banks app is no longer installed and will present the manual payment details instead.

Failing that, live chat should be able to provide this info, but I don’t know what their hours are over the bank holiday weekend.