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I’ve asked in the chat for my address on record to be changed and for an activity statement to be generated (for 2019-20 tax year). That request was put forth over a week ago now, and I’ve only gotten a single reply last Thursday (5 days after request was sent). Both tasks remain outstanding as I am typing this, and customer service has yet to see my replies on Friday and through the weekend.

I am not a PLUS member, though I have been considering it along with transferring >£100k SIPP into Freetrade, though this entire ordeal has put me off. Needless to say, the customer service response time, PLUS or no PLUS, are flat out unacceptable. I can understand waiting for hours, but waiting literally for days/weeks to get basic stuff done - which other brokers allow users to do on their own without contacting CS - is just a bad look for Freetrade. If Freetrade is OK with those customer service delays, then it should change the “typically replies in a few hours” to “typically replies in a few days / typically replies within a week” to manage expectations.



Hi @massivekettle,

So sorry about the delay here, we’re experiencing very high volumes of customer contact at the moment and aren’t able to respond as quickly as usual.

The Customer Support team are working hard to get back to everyone as soon as possible, we’re also scaling the team too in line with our increased customer base.

Could you please pop us an email from your Freetrade email to reviews@freetrade.io and I can get your query looked into?

Hi @robjackson,

I have also been trying to get in touch with the team, but no one has responded to me via the chat or by email (I’ve tried both) for over a week.

I recently closed an account with Freetrade and I need a closure statement as well as some monthly transaction statements to show to my employer - they are a financial services company and require these statements in order to monitor my trading activities.

Please could someone either respond to my email or on here and I can be more specific about what documents I require.

Many thanks,

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