Unsettled hasn't settled for 5+ days (likely due to bank holidays)

Dear Freetrade team,

It has been more than 5 days that my unsettled cash is frozen. I have been trying to get some answers/help from the helpline and chat but no one is responding / checking the messages. There is no hotline to contact. I need help asap to resolve this as every second my cash is held hurts my investments.


I think it takes 2-3 working days for cash to settle, so if it’s been 5 days, it’ll likely rectify itself on Monday or Tuesday (given that we’ve just had a bank holiday and its currently the weekend).

Hopefully someone reaches out to give you some confidence it’s going to be sorted.

Martin, as @jspen points out, settlement is T+2/3 business days. So bank holidays and weekends will drag this out.

In any case you should be able to trade unsettled cash within Freetrade, you’re just unable to withdraw to cash until settlement.

Link to handy article here:

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Just to add to this in case others are looking around in future, I’ve had funds stuck in Unsettled cash for 10 days now (8 working days).

I contacted support through the app and the response was “As settlement is an external process we cannot control how long it takes to settle your funds.”

I’m not sure what the external process is, and ultimately who is in control of when I can access the funds in my account! I’m waiting on a reply to this query.

Edit: funds coincidentally moved to withdrawable the day I posted this. Thought others may still like to know that it can take quite a bit longer than 2-3 working days!

I’m on the same boat. 6 working days later and still no sign of it moving.

To claim it takes 2-3 working days and then telling you it’s done externally and they actually don’t have control of it is ridiculous.

It either takes 2-3 working days or it doesn’t. Small print would be better saying, it willl be done when it’s done.