Update on European expansion!


That was my bad for not looking through whole forum.

Looks good! I wish you best of luck for UK rollout

(Alex Sherwood) #48

No worries, I’m glad I could help. And thanks! :smile:

(Emma) #49

The Republic of Ireland is an interesting one. People were hit badly by the financial crash but it’s starting to recover now and people are saving where they can in case it happens again (once bitten and all that). The lower savings rates will make investment more attractive.
Dublin is a strong fintech city these days and Freetrade would fit right in, but outside the cities it would be a harder sell. Culturally it’s more similar to Northern Ireland than mainland U.K. so a bit more conservative, traditional and not early adopters of new ways of doing things or businesses.



Hi freetrade team I would like to let you know that LSE exchange market of london has Borsa Italiana exchange market of Milan as part of the company, probably this could help you.
Anyway Italy is not the best market for new companies.
Any new update on Eu expansion??


Hi everyone! I read @shitcoiner questions three days ago and one of them was not answered. Any news or any step forward about when European non UK members will get access to the App? Thanks again!

The latest on the rollout
(Emma) #52

This the answer you need? Or was it about expansion?


Thanks @Rat_au_van for your help, but it was more about the expansion. Reading last schedule with the rollout for first users in a few days, I imagine there is an estimated schedule about rollout for EU citizens. Could be possible to expect Freetrade App will be available during 2018 or it is already scheduled for 2019? Thanks again!

(Alex Sherwood) #54

Hi Nico! I’m afraid there’s no updates yet, we’re focused on the rollout of the app right now but hopefully once that’s finished, we’ll have some more news for you. Watch this space :eyes:

I’ve moved this discussion here, to make it easier to find.

(Chris Carabott) #55

Malta :slight_smile: Pleaseeeee

(Dominik Teiml) #56

Hi there,

I’m long waiting for Freetrade launch :slight_smile: I was wondering when you are planning to launch for non-UK citizens as well? Just roughly :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #57

Hey! I’ve just moved your post here as the details of our plans are in this thread (the latest are at the bottom), just let us know if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #58

Hey Dominik, just a little clarification, Freetrade is available for non-UK citizens (I am one of them) but you must be a UK resident (i.e. live in UK for more than 183 days in a year).

(Dominik Teiml) #59

Nice. I guess I should clarify my question - for non-UK residents. I saw a proposal of countries above, pop me in for Czech Republic :stuck_out_tongue:

(Sharon Thomas) #60

I would love to see Freetrade available in France. I’m not a millennial, nor do I live in a région that has millennials, all young people are preparing for retirement and death from when they leave school in the depths of the countryside. But I believe this is different in the big cities. Macron’s focus on Le FrenchTech, his support of crypto and AI means that france is waking up to new ways of accessing services through technology. It’s such a virgin market. Translating an app can’t be too horrific and marketing it in a subtly English way would make it really cool. English is seen as super cool here- used in the right way. The English name would go down brilliantly and I can already hear it mentally being horribly mispronounced but appropriated by young French people.


Any plans on Spain? You will have so many people interested on the app for sure.


Please make Freetrade available in Finland as soon as possible. I’m at the front of the queue and can’t wait to start investing through Freetrade! I would certainly spread the word to my friends and family.


We want it in Romania please :slight_smile:

(Tihomir Roydev) #64

I’m looking forward for the launch outside UK - especially Czech Republic where I currently live… eager to test and use the android app of the company in which I invested.Fascinating!


If you’re planning a launch in Germany don’t forget about Austria :slight_smile: Similar jurisdiction, same language and lack of an easy access to investment services.

Don’t worry too much about language barriers because an English speaking app isn’t a barrier anymore.

(Georgi) #66

I think its not going to be a problem to launch the app in english across the EU. Most of the populations across Europe speaks it and even bigger % of the people who are investing know english.