Update on European expansion!


Bring it to Romania. I know a lot of people invested in crypto assets simply because there are effectively no barriers to entry. You can do a cash trade on a decentralized exchange like Bisq with no KYC/AML requirements. Investing in stocks in Romania is a nightmare of fees and bureaucracy. It would be great if we had easier access to stocks.

(Bram Vanbilsen) #68

Don’t leave Belgium hanging!
I was so excited to get access to the app, only to realize that the app is not accessible outside of the UK yet.

I know for a fact that there are tons of people waiting for a change in the brokerage scene here.

(Serban Balamaci) #69

Hi just take into consideration that Revolut is not so popular in Germany. I’m with a German IT company with an office in Romania and we have to tell our german colleagues(all tech savy) all the time about Revolut. In Romania nearly all my friends use it. Don’t know if it would apply the same for an app for stocks, just that Germany even with so much money is not closely following the fintech world.

(Wilmer Björklund) #70

I’d really love to have it here in Sweden. We don’t really have any good stock-trading application