Update on European expansion!


Bring it to Romania. I know a lot of people invested in crypto assets simply because there are effectively no barriers to entry. You can do a cash trade on a decentralized exchange like Bisq with no KYC/AML requirements. Investing in stocks in Romania is a nightmare of fees and bureaucracy. It would be great if we had easier access to stocks.

(Bram Vanbilsen) #68

Don’t leave Belgium hanging!
I was so excited to get access to the app, only to realize that the app is not accessible outside of the UK yet.

I know for a fact that there are tons of people waiting for a change in the brokerage scene here.

(Serban Balamaci) #69

Hi just take into consideration that Revolut is not so popular in Germany. I’m with a German IT company with an office in Romania and we have to tell our german colleagues(all tech savy) all the time about Revolut. In Romania nearly all my friends use it. Don’t know if it would apply the same for an app for stocks, just that Germany even with so much money is not closely following the fintech world.

(Wilmer Björklund) #70

I’d really love to have it here in Sweden. We don’t really have any good stock-trading application

(Božin Miovski) #71

Definitely Slovenia. I’ve been looking for sometime now for investing in ETFs and also stock trading and found nothing. I had to create an N26 account and register through the Irish DeGiro website, because that was basically the only cheap (relatively) way to invest. I’m waiting on Freetrade for stock trading.

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Regarding the European Expansion.
When addressing the subject of European Expansion, I assume Freetrade means offering the service to people living in EU countries.

I don’t know if, within this European Expansion, the inclusion of stocks of the European Exchanges is part of the plan or not.

We are now in the process of including US stocks.

I think it’s wise for the European Expansion to include not only the equivalents to ISA’s, but also stocks of those countries. I believe it would have positive impacts on a local level in terms of the development of the community in those countries, which could support growth.

Maybe start with the STOXX 600. It’s partially on the app, since it includes companies listed in the London stock exchange, and take it from there…

Think local. Grow global. Freetrade.

What would you like us to share at our next community event?
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Don’t forget Portugal! Although we don’t have any good trading app, there are a lot of eager investors!

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A fellow countryman to join the ranks. :fireworks:
Keep them coming

(Pablo) #75

I know this is further down the list, but are you currently actively looking at expansion opportunities at the moment and will this be happening this year? Thanks!

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According to Freetrade’s Roadmap… yes it’s happening in 2019

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(Pablo) #77

The link on notion points to the last update on progress which is from mid last year.

(Dave Smith) #79

Where does it say 2019? It just says Later on the roadmap page, that could mean anything

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Hope this helps to clarify.

Should have post this link in the first place.
Sorry. My bad

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(Pablo) #81

My question is whether there’s currently progress being made.

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(Alex Sherwood) #82

We’re focused on launching the Android app right now but our plans are on track for EU expansion by the end of the year :rocket:

(Pablo) #83

Sounds great, thanks! :rocket:

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(Tomislav Kulušić) #84

I understand that Balkan countries are not interesting for financial business. But you would be surprised how much people here, especially in Croatia, would like to invest or try something new especially in this area, but the problem is because they don’t have any option because every investment site is avoiding these countries. I think that it would be really nice to give these countries a chance, who knows maybe they surprise you. Piece :v:


Totally agree. I also think Freetrade could actually launch it in english. That is what Interactive Brokers are doing and it is one of if not the most used broker in Bulgaria. Also because of the low competition you are going to pretty much take most of the market and will probably create more market.
The investing platforms in Bulgaria(and all around the Balkans I assume) are so not user-friendly it’s insane. It took me one month until I had my account active and funded. I used it for about a month and just closed it down.
It was just not worth using them if you are a retail investor.


I think in Germany you do not stand a chance. The market for stocks and ETF trading is way easier and cheaper than in the UK.

From ETF/stocks monthly saving plans with german banks (comdirect bank) from as little as 25€ to new interesting fintechs like Trade Republic who offer 6000 Stocks and 500 ETFs for 1€ a trade at launch.

As a passive investor I wish Freetrade or any cheaper trader in the UK would offer such a variety in ETFs.

The UK seems behind here. I am actually thinking of opening an account with comdirect bank in Germany just to have access to bigger variety and choice and not just the small amount of ETFs you offer.

(Chris L) #87

I see Trade Republic and comdirect are only available in German?

Do you know if they have plans for English?