Updates on the Android app

(Andy) #43

Based on WWDC yesterday, I’ve made the choice to switch to Android. I had an iPhone since iPhone 3G!

So I’m now one of those “when’s the android version coming?” guys.

Glad to see I could already download the Freetrade app on my iPad however and I’ve already signed up for the Android version. Great work.


Out of interest @Andy , what in the Apple event made you choose to switch to Android?

(Andy) #45

The price. Completely in their own universe price wise.

I was ready to upgrade but I just simply can not justify £300/£400 more than other comparable flagship phones.

(Giridhar Tammana) #46

I listen to Market snacks podcast and they summarised it as “cheapest form of innovation all they did is make their products bigger”.
Market snacks guys are funny :rofl:


Here is an interesting argument that a $1k mobile can be good value for the users - mostly on sustainability/longevity grounds, and that the implied slower product replacement rate can be good value for the vendor on customer loyalty grounds. http://www.asymco.com/2018/09/13/lasts-longer/ You might not buy that argument though!


No updates on the android app in five weeks?

(Alex Sherwood) #49

We’re still working on rolling out the iOS app at the moment, we’ll keep you updated as soon as there’s more news about the Android app.

The latest on the rollout

Is there nothing that can be shared with your Android supporters?

I would hope that the android developers are not working on the iOs app rollout and have made some progress since the last update from Greg back in July?

(Chris) #51

I would expect them to be learning from the iOS rollout though. You don’t want to do the same dev work twice.

(Beth) #52

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Marcus is looking after some money in the mean time.


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Hey @Viktor this quote above was two months ago. Are we still not any closer to a timeline or a proper update that when we will see an Android App.

@greg let us know how is it going :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #55

We had a chat about this today & as long as everything goes to plan, we’re aiming to release the Android app early next year :slight_smile:

(Jeff puckering) #56

Awaiting the cheers…



(Beth) #58


I wonder if my dad has an old iOS device hanging around :thinking:

(James White) #59

So far away so sad haha.

Timely - my wife just got an iOS work device so I can get the app on that until the better version is released on Android




Inappropriate use of smiley emoji - :disappointed:


Considering there are a lot of Freetrade supporters waiting for the Android App, I think it would be important to read a detailed update about Android progress and an estimated timeline for the release. :wink: