Updates on the Android app

(Viktor) #63

We’ll do that, just give us a bit of time as we’re busy rolling out the iOS app!


@Viktor, Any chance that someone from the Android team give us an update on progress? presumably they are not all busy rolling out the iOS app?


I get the impression Android has been parked completely. Likely all resources have been allocated elsewhere.
Revolut will have built their app, got their licences and made it available to the public before this gets over the line


I have just received an invite which states

" If you’re an Android user (& don’t have an iPad) then you’ll be given access to the app when we release it by April next year. "


(Michael) #67

Urgh, that’s painful -_-

(Andy) #68

I’m an Android user but I have found it very useful to use freetrade on my iPad as it avoids the temptation to check on the progress every two minutes and trades are thought out in the evening, there’s no impulsiveness.


I’m mainly an Android user but just received my invite - this is how I’m going to be using Freetrade for the next few months…

(Viktor) #70

Conservative estimate there, @caribo. We’ll update that email (and this thread) with an accurate timeline as we finalise one we can guarantee.

Android categorically hasn’t been dropped - it’s one of the three top priorities on our internal list!


I hope so, @Viktor - cutting it a bit fine for new ISAs starting in April.

(Jerzy Hawryluk) #72

Well, question here - As I’ve got a 1 year free alpha, but haven’t got a IOS phone/tablet etc. is my free year counted from the time I will start using the android version?


Yes, it should be. I asked a similar question regarding the 1 month of free Alpha somewhere else in the forum and it’s your choice when to activate it.

Besides, it’s very likely that Android releases will come before Alpha release.
Priorities internally right now appear to be: iOS rollout, Android, US stocks, and ISAs.

(Alex Sherwood) #74

Yes your 1 years of free Alpha will start when you activate your Alpha subscription.



I must hold onto my excitement until the new year!



Does the recent tweet mean that the app being built is only a waiting list app and not even the main application that will enable android users to deal?


It does sound that way at the moment.

(Ian) #78

It’s the same app.

It will only have the waitlist feature set when we first launch but its the foundation for the full app so we’re definitely working on it. :smile:



Not sure if I’ve missed emails/news/etc, but the radio silence around Android is concerning?

(Alex Sherwood) #80

That’s a fair point, we have mentioned this in the newsletter & the blog but we could have posted the updates here too.

We’re (still) planning to release the Android app early next year.

But we’ll be releasing the early version - for the Android users waitlist - before the end of this year.

Here’s our roadmap up until Christmas -

(Viktor) #81

I’m getting an Android phone for testing next week. A few other team members will test along, too. :wink:

(Chris) #82

The very definition of going above and beyond.