Updates on the Android app

(Mathew Henshaw) #103

Now I’m in excited, looking forward to ditching the old 5s I rescued from the drawer of junk!

(R3) #105

I’m humming GoT theme as I write:
Android is Coming

(Emma) #106


(R3) #107

Let’s make it Spring

From Collins dictionary:

  1. variable noun

Spring is the season between winter and summer when the weatherbecomes warmer and plants start to grow again.

  1. countable noun [usually plural]

A spring is a place where water comes up through the ground. It is also the water that comes from that place.

  1. Verb

If things or people spring into action or spring to life, they suddenly start being active or suddenly come into existence.

And humming

(Emma) #108

Ned would never say that :yum:


(R3) #109

It may be another way of seeing the sun shining :sunglasses:

PS: thanks for making me laugh. I’m sure it was unintended :wink:

I wonder if that’s what the incumbents see :thinking: