US IPOs application - Primary Sale on Freetrade

Hi Freetrade Product Team,

Do you have any plans in the future to launch an ability for FT users to apply for US IPO’s primary sale? With the spate of mega IPO’s coming, we are missing out on potentially big returns. Of course I am not aware of regulatory limitations that might inhibit you from offering this functionality.

It will be great to get your views on this.


If you mean access to the primary sale, I had a look at a couple of places and you had to be an accredited investor with a salary of 200k a year and at least $1m in assets, not including your home! So not very accessible for me or most FT customers, no offence :joy:. It would be so great though, I agree.

This article clarifies the situation. I also agree that would be great but… :man_shrugging:

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Yes indeed I was referring to Primary Sale. It’s surprising US has such high entry barriers. In many other countries retail investors can apply for primary sale, infact a portion of the issue is usually reserved for retail investors.

Seems the US IPO system is rigged in the favor of large institutional investors and retail investors would only get super expensive stocks in the secondary market.