US share purchases always at a loss to begin with

Yesterday I purchased AbbVie, now it was a 4pm trade but when the trade eventually went through it said that my investment was -1.30% …now between the time of the share purchase and close, there was no way AbbVie dropped that amount yesterday.

This has happened a few times to me on US stocks, is it a currency issue? Has anyone else noticed that you always seem to be playing catch up?

Bid-ask spread… Most apps report only the price one can buy a share at from the market, but the price one can sell to the market is always lower… Hence upon position opening, one will always be in a loss.

For example, some stocks might have a spread of just 1p… Others as high as 5% difference.

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Thanks for clearing that up, always bugged me as to why that was the case but now makes sense. Cheers

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