US tax illustration


Working on a new illustration for the US tax exemption form. Which one feels more American to you? :us::eyes:


Both look great but Statue of Liberty as it might be more recognisable, but the Bald Eagle predates the Statue of Liberty.

(Jonny) #3

Love the Statue of Liberty :star_struck: :us:

(Vladislav Kozub) #4

Statue for me. Please make a poll and we will find out what the majority prefers for sure :upside_down_face:

(Emma) #5

Prefer the eagle but either one works

(Big Boss) #6

Both are beautiful! :heart_eyes:

(Mike Smart) #7

Both are fantastic, but I’d go for the Statue of Liberty


Statue of Liberty looks fantastic

(Aris David) #9

Statue of Liberty is very American

(Steve Sharrott) #10

Both look great, but Statue of Liberty gets my vote.


Looks like Robinhood had a similar idea with the eagle for their new checking account product page


(Chris) #12

Statue of Liberty for sure.

(Emma) #13

In light of recent developments I’ve changed my mind :grin:

(Jonny) #14

Christ, that’s more american that this.

(Jim) #15

Statue of Liberty without a doubt. The eagle brings to mind some sort of Man in the High Castle style reichsadler…


Love both but prefer the Statue of Liberty.

(Josh T) #17

Statue of Liberty is great - real clean too. That is my vote.