User details in the top right to be placed in the ‘Account’ tab

(Vladislav Kozub) #1

Shamelessly stealing @Lodgimus’s idea:

Ultimately, the current “Profile” subtab should be the actual “Account” tab. And all the banking stuff that currently sits in the “Account” tab should be a mere subsection above “Help & Support” (which is currently based in the “Profile” subtab).

(Kenny Grant) #2

I agree, it feels odd and hidden away where it is, and is unrelated to portfolio.


Regrouping it like that under the “Account” tab makes a lot of sense to me.

Then replace the account icon with a (?) icon and put that on every page. Perhaps in grey rather than pink but this might break UI conventions for actions.

Finally put the “Freetrade” logo centre on every page, right now it’s just on the Portfolio tab. The other tabs look like they are missing something in comparison.

Hope that makes sense :grin:

(User # 93) #4

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100% agree with this. It’s pretty hard to find the stuff in the profile tab at the moment unless you know it’s there.