User tagging of stocks

I want to suggest developing a kind of tagging system for stocks, where I can tag them with my buy/sell instructions, kids names, dates etc so I can keep track of my plans for them. (at a stretch even be able to proportion 1 stock investment with 2 tags).
This would also help me to stay on track with actions for different stocks which I already own - and make me less reliant on a spreadsheet.
Please make it happen

I think what you’re looking for is a Junior ISA.

See the idea below and the thread below that. It seems that they plan on doing it, but it’s not a priority.

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Nothing this grand - I imagine junior ISA is a long way away from freetrade.

I am pitching a user tagging system for stocks.

Have edited the original post to be clearer

I’d like to see tagging or labelling of stocks too; I’m running a core-satellite portfolio and tags would be handy to be able to record which stocks belong where. The Insight tab could also show which proportions belong to each tag.